Project Fences

Let us help you choose a fence that will suit your needs and complement your home while staying within your budget.
We offer a wide selection of Fence choices so you have many possibilities.
And, if your fence has been damaged by weather, accidents or age.
DesignDeckandPorche can repair or replace it even if we did not install it originally.


Project Deck Porche

Outdoor area above the ground level, with or without a trelilis, not covered with a roof, made of a single level or split among two or more levels,
designed for leisure activities normally associated with a residential use, consisting of a floor raised at least (6 inches) above the adjoining ground level
and resting on supports, columns, posts or other vertical components.


Project Privacy Lattice

We designed this privacy lattice for an exterior designer in Ashburn, Northen Virginia. He accessorized it beautifully!
The pergola is taller than normal to clear the windows into the living room of the residence. This pergola was built by our local pergola builder in 2014.


Project Porche & Deck

Structure backing against the wall of a building, covered by a roof which is supported by columns, surrounded or not by a railing or a wall and
which has a primary function of providing access to an entrance of the building.
The width of the façade of the porch shall not exceed 50% of the width of the façade of the building.
Should the porch be surrounded with a wall, the height of such wall shall not exceed 50% of the height of the porch measured
from the porch floor to the lowest point of the porch roof.


Project Pergola Design

Our pergola designs are some of the most emulated worldwide. If you are looking for pergola design ideas, stay a while.
Our images of pergolas often look like they are made of composite or some other material–however these pergolas are all made of wood.